Activities At a Glance

  • Activities

  • Special Committee Meeting with Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members (Old & New) held at Secunderabad on 09th September, 2015.

    1. We paid our tribute to late K.V.Subba Rao, (age 59), who was working in South Central Railway, Secunderabad, expired on 18th August, 2015. Let his soul rest in peace.

    2. General Secretary distributed two booklets regarding ‘Legal Right for persons with Hearing Impaired’ and ‘Government facilities and benefits for Persons with Disabilities’, in the Training at Kolkata (Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Kolkata & National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped, Kolkata), held on 24th & 25th June, 2015.

    3. All the nomination forms of winners/losers had been signed completely.

    4. Resolution for working year 2015-18 had been passed.

    5. We paid our gratitude to outgoing office bearers for their rendered service.

    6. Smt Nita, Interpreter explained the importance of amendment/byelaw of this Association.

  • 5th Annual General Body Meeting held at Kolkata from 24th and 25th June, 2015

    1. General Secretary had, released and, explained about the report of Association activities for the last five years 2010-15.

    2. Mr. P.Majumdar (Social Welfare Officer, AYJIHH, ERC, Kolkata) gave orientation on “Legal Rights of persons with Hearing Impairment”.

    3.General Secretary, S.Murugan, Interpreter Amresh Gopal Krishnan and Com.Pijush Roy, General Secretary,COC of CCGEW, Kolkata have discussed about the amendment to be proposed. This ‘to be proposed amendment’ was agreed through the discussions happened on 24th & 25th of June, 2015.

    4.Mr Nayan Roy Chaudhuri (Social Worker, NIOH, Kolkata), explained Government facilities & benefits for the persons with disabilities.

    5.We welcommed, Returning Officer, Sri B.Nageswara Rao, AYJNIHH, Election Officer, Com.Pijush Roy, General Secretary, COC, CCCGEW, Kolkata, Election Officer and Chief Election Officer Sri S.P.Roy, M/o Health Ministry, Kolkata.

    6. Our Association presented cash awards for the following retired employees.
    1. Sri G.Kanak Durga Rao, Retired on 31st January, 2012
    2. Sri P Seetharamaiah, Retired on 30th April,2014
    3.Sri Abraham.K.C. Retired on 30th June, 2014
    4. Sri P.Chandy Ninan,Retired on 31st October, 2014
    5.Sri Subir Chakraborty, Retired on 31st October, 2014
    6.Sri Shreeram Ganesh Desai, Retired on 31st March, 2015
    7.Sri Deb Kumar Chatterjee, Retired on 30th April, 2015
    8.Sri Kaulas Ramchandra Hajare, Retired on 30th September, 2015

    7. Kolkata School for the Deaf had presented a show on Dance & Magic. Then cash awards were presented to them.

    8. Election results announced by Returned Officer, Election Officer & Chief Election Officer.

    9. The following list of elected office bearers of AICGDEA.
    1. Sri D.R.R.Swamy : President
    2. Smt Radha Kakaria : Vice President
    3. Sri Asif a Bhimani : Vice President
    4. Sri S.Murugan : General Secretary
    5. Sri D.Jaya Prakash : Joint Secretary (Head Office)
    6. Sri Shanavaz S : Joint Secretary (South)
    7. Sri Amit Ratan Dube : Joint Secretary (West + Centre)
    8. Vacant : Joint Secretary (East)
    9. Vacant : Joint Secretary (North)
    10.Sri Y.V.Jagannath :Treasurer
    11.Sri M.Hari Krishna :Joint Treasurer
    12.Sri Anupam Mishra : Executive committee member
    13.Sri B.Venkataiah : Executive committee member
    14.Sri Sanjay soni : Executive committee member
    15.Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia : Executive committee member
    16. Sri P.Kishan Rao, : Executive committee member
    17. Sri Amrish Singh : Executive committee member

  • Delhi Central Govt Deaf Employees’ first meeting @ Indian Social Institution, New Delhi on 29th March, 2015

    • Thanks to our association member Mr. A.S.Narayan, for the meeting arrangements.
    • Our general secretary Mr. S.Murugan explained the history of our Association and byelaw/amendment etc.,
    • 22 Deaf Delhi Central Govt Employees participated, along with our Executive Committee Member Mr. Vijaya Kumar Walia.
  • Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers conducted an “All India Trade Union Study Camp” at Income Tax office, Bangalore during 5th & 6th of January, 2015.

    In the camp, the respective people as mentioned below have conducted the following seminars.

    • “International – National situation & Task of the Trade Unions” by Com.A.K.Padmanabhan, National President CITU.
    • “7th CPC Memorandum & related issues – Interaction of Delegates”-Com.S.K.Vyas, Advisor, Com.K.K.N.Kutty, President , Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General of CCGE&W.”
    • “Media & Politics” – by Com.P.Rajeev, MP, Rajya Sabha
    • “Two decades of globalization and its impact on working class” by Dr.Venkitesh Athreya (Eminent Economist).
    • “Human rights and working class” – by Prof. G.Haragopal (ICSSR,National Fellow, Tata Institute of Social Sicence, Visiting Professor, National School of Law, Bangalore).

    From AICGDEA, Smt E.Kamalavani(Working Committee Member) and S.Madhukar(Member), and most other Central Government Employees’ Unions have participated in the above-mentioned camp.

  • National Convention of Central Government Employee’s organizations participating in the JCM being held at New Delhi on 11th December, 2014.

    • A National Convention of Central Government Employees Organisations participating in the Joint Consultative Machinery was held at New Delhi on 11st December, 2014 at MPCU Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines, New Delhi.
    • More than 800 delegates representing the two Federations in Railways (AIRF & NIFR), two Federations in Defence (AIDEF and INDWF), two Federations in Postal services (NFPE and FNPO), Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers and many other organizations participated in the Convention.
    • Mr. D.R.R.Swamy, Working President of our Association (AICGDEA), Mr. B.Ramulu, Member of our Association with Interpreter (Mrs. Lalita) have attended at New Delhi on 11st December, 2014.
    • The convention set up a 14 member National Joint Council of Action with Mr. M.Raghavaiah, General Secretary, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen as its Chairman and Mr. Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, All India Railwaymen Federation as Convener to spearhead the indefinite strike and other action programmes.
    • The convention, on the basis of the discussions amongst the participating organizations, formulates a charter of demands containing the following important issues. The convention also adopt the following programme of action to culminate in an indefinite strike action if the demands are not negotiated and settled.

    • 1.Effect wage revision of Central Government Employees from 01Jan2014 accepting the memorandum of the staff side JCM; ensure 5 year wage revision in future; grant interim relief and merger of 100% of DA. Ensure submission of the 7th CPC report with the stimulated time frame of 18 months; include Grameen Dak Sewake within the ambit of the 7th CPC. Settle all anomalies of the 6th CPC.
    • 2.No privatization, PPP, or FDI in Railways and Defence Establishments and no corporatization of postal services;
    • 3.No Ban on recruitment/creation of post.
    • 4.Scrap PFRDA Act and re-introduce the defined benefit statutory pension scheme
    • 5.No outsourcing; contractorisation, privatization of governmental functions, withdraw the proposed move to close down the Printing presses; the publication, form store and stationery departments and Medical Stores Depots, regularize the existing daily rated/casual and contract workers and absorption of trained apprentices.
    • 6.Revive the JCM functioning at all levels as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of the demands of the CGEs.
    • 7.Remove the arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointments.
    • 8.No llabour reforms which are inimical to the interest of the workers.
    • 9.Remove the Bonus ceiling.
    • 10.Ensure five promotions in the service career.

    • 1.Organise State/District/Divisional level Joint convention to popularize the declaration before February, 2015.
    • 2.To organize massive dharna/rally at all State Capital/major Defence centres jointly by all the participating Unions in March, 2015.
    • 3.To organize campaign fortnigh throughout the country in the first two week of April, 2015.
    • 4.To organize Rally before the Parliament house in the month of April 2015, when the house will be in budget session to declare the date for the commencement of the indefinite strike action and the programme and date of serving strike notice.
  • Bihar Central Government Deaf Employee’s General Body Meeting/Seminar @ Bihar on 22nd November, 2014

      • Bihar Central Government Deaf Employee’s General Body Meeting/Seminar held at Youth Hostel, Patna on 22nd November, 2014 and 5th Working Committee Meeting held at Bihar Institute of Economic Studies, Patna on 23rd November, 2014.
      • Bihar Central Government Deaf Employees have attended in the 1st General Body Meeting of Bihar state under the AICGDEA on 22nd November, 2014 from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm in the meeting hall, Youth Hostel, Patna and selected the post of Secretaries and Asst Committee Members of the mentioned the names is below.
    1 Mr.
    Prakash Narayan Singh
    2 Mr. Sunil
    3 Mr.
    Abhishek Anand
    4 Mr. Md
    Nazim (Patna)
    5 Mr.
    Nirbhay Kumar Singh(Chapra)
    6 Mr. Vijay
    Nandan Sinha (Dhanpur Cantt)
    7 Mrs.
    Gulshan Nisha
    • Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, President, Mr. S.Murugan, General Secretary, Mr. Y.V.Jagannath, Executive Committee Member and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Working Committee Member of AICGDEA were present and spoke on stage, through sign language.
    • Twelve Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members and Working Committee Members have attended the 5th Working Committee Meeting on 23rd November, 2014.
    • Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, President, Mr. N.Prakash, Vice President, and Mr. S.Murugan, General Secretary were present and explained the minutes of meeting held at Hyderabad on 1st September, 2014.
    • General Secretary presented and discussed, the association report, and discussed about conducting of the next programme.
    • Presented memento to Mr. Subir Chakraborty, (Joint Secretary of AICGDEA) retired from Defence service, on 31st October, 2014.
    • General Secretary presented mementos to all attendees and volunteers who helped in the arrangement of the meeting, and to the members for their contribution during the period 2010 to 2014.
    • We thank, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha and his family members, for hosting (accommodation, hall and food etc.,) and made this program a success.
    • Next Working Committee Meeting, would held at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

    • Ganesh Chaturthi festival was celebrated at Jagannath’s house.
      Sri L.N.Prasad and Guru Anatadev, are differently abled for hearing, performed Ganesh pooja
    • Mr R.Krishna Murthy and Mr Jagannath made pooja arrangements.
    • Prizes of drawing competition and quiz were distributed to the differently abled students(for hearing) of JSS, SKID & RVI .
    • Mr Jagannath, Executive Committee Member, and Mr S.Murugan, General Secretary, were presided over function and gave a speech about our Association activities at Bangalore, Chennai, Nagpur, New Delhi.
    • Vote of Thanks was given by R.Krishna Murthy (Retired defence employee)
  • CCGEW National Convention @ Nagpur on 4th April, 2014.

  • General Body Meeting, Seminar and Training held at World University Service Centre, Chetpet, Chennai from 3rd to 5th February, 2014.

    • Chief Guest Smt.Dr.Neeradha Chandra Mohan, Director, National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai, Mr. Sankara Narayanan, Dy.Registrar, NIEPMD, Chennai, Mr. S.Padmanaban, Director, JSPL Associated consultant Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, along with our associations’ President(M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao), Working President(D.R.R.Swamy), Vice Presidents(N.Prakash and Asif A Bhimani), and General Secretary(S.Murugan), were kick started the event by lighting up the lamp on the first day(03Feb2014).
    • In her speech, Dr Neeradha Chandra Mohan explained the history of disability Act and, sufferings of differently abled children in the society.
      She is also running a school and workshop in Chennai, for the disability people.
    • Mr. Sankara Narayanan, Dy.Registrar, NIEPMD spoke and praised the efforts of the Institution for providing low cost education, skill training, workshop to the under privileged and institute as one of its kind. He advised the parents of disabled children to admit them in School with the assistance of the financial concession of Government of India(Social Welfare of Ministry).
    • Mr. S.Padmanaban, Director, JPSL Associated Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Chennai expressed his gratitude to all employees attended from various states and he was very proud of his elder brother S.Jothi who was hosting this event as Organising Secretary. His speech created awareness among deaf children and deaf employees.
    • Mr. S.Murugan, General Secretary, explained the report, Bye-law, Amendment (Draft).
    • Mr. Amresh, Interpreter (also Joint Secretary of Indian Sign Language Interpreters association, Indore) spoke about the benefits of learning certificate course on Sign language offered by NIHH, for Interpreters for getting employment in schools, colleges and vocational training, for Deaf.
    • Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, President, AICGDEA lectured about Department of Personnel & Training and other matters regarding grievance redressal. He also requested the employees to approach the General Secretary, who is rendering all possible helps in the matter of grievance redressal and trouble shooting of all problems. He requested all employees to learn about the necessary rules and regulations related to the Establishment of employment and labour, to engage in their employment similar to normal persons.
    • Comrade M.Krishnan, Secretary General of Confederation of Central Govt.Employees & Workers (CCGEW), New Delhi and Comrade Duraipandian, General Secretary, CCGEW (Tamil Nadu State) were present on 03rd February, 2014.
      – M.Krishnan explained the history of CCGEW and proposed 15 points, of charter of demands. He acknowledged and appreciated Mr. S.Murugan, for meeting him in person at, his office at New Delhi and, Trade Union Education at Mumbai.
      He released the official letter of affiliation of AICGDEA with CCGEW (S.No.104) and
      – he accepted letter containing our 34 demands for the proposal of 7th Centre Pay Commission.
      – He also spoke about his efforts to solve the grievances from deaf employees through General Secretary(AICGDEA).
    • Comrade Duraipandian appealed all employees of various states to proceed with demonstration of protest for charter of demands before the submission 7th Pay Commission.
    • General Secretary, S.Murugan spoke about the acceptance of the strike as per CCGEW’s instruction.
    • Comrade Duraipandian presented shields to Mr. S.Jothi, Orgainsing Secretary (Host), Chennai and Mr. S.Murugan, General Secretary of AICGDEA for their efforts to organize this event.
    • The following people presided our event on 4th February, 2014
      Mr. U.S.Chattopadhay, Under Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training,
      Mr.V.Murali, Dy.Chief Labour Commisioner,
      Mr. A.Pandurai, Labour Enforcement Officer.
    • Mr. V.Murali spoke on the labour rules report and Mr. A.Pandurai took a session on Labour rules
    • Mr. U.S.Chattopadhyay took a session on Establishment Rules
    • Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, Mr. N.Prakash, Mr. S.Murugan and Mr. S.Jothi got awards from Under Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi and Dy.Chief Labour Commissioner, Chennai, for their best appreciation of the programmes and also Mr. S. Jothi worked hard to raise funds from donors.
    • We like to thank Mr. Ananda Kumar (International Volley ball player from Kerala), for both sponsoring and presenting, the shields to the following retired employees and, for arranging sponsors for this event.
      1. Mr. M.Arunachalam, Retired Railway service on 30th November, 2012
      2. Smt N.Vijayal, Retired Railway Service on 31st January, 2013
      3. Mr. P.Mathialagan, Retired Railway service on 31st July, 2013
      4. Mr. G.Nedumananji, Retired Railway service on 30th September,2013 5. Mr. R.Krishna Murthy Retired Defence service on 31st October, 2013
    • The Deaf students (from Madras Presidency College, Chennai – 05) showcased their stage performance in dance/drama, and they were presented with memento shields.
    • Totally 251 of our members (Employees of Central Government of India) attended, this event and session on Establishment Rules & Labour Law.
    • Our Association like to thank,
      – Under Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, New Delhi and Dy.Chief Labour Commisioner, Labour Enforcement Officer, Chennai for attending and taking training for us.
      – Mr. Natarajan (Interpreter) working as Teacher, St.Louis Institute for the Deaf, Chennai and Mr. Amresh (Interpreters) working in Central Government (Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore), both translated and conveyed all speeches, in sign language to our audience.
      – Mr. K.Sasidharan for arranging the Chennai and Mahabalipuram tour, for the interested association members, on 5th February, 2014.
      – Mr. Feroz, Chennai provided Laptop, Screen and projector for us.
    • For the first time in history, as a token of love and gratitude, an association(AICGDEA) for differently-abled people has presented mementos to following persons,
      – Comrade. M.Krishnan,
      – Comrade Duraipandian
      – Mr. S.Padmanban
      – Mr. U.S.Chattopadhay,
      – Mr.V.Murali,
    • All employees are invited to attend the next general body meeting/seminar/training, would be held at Kolkata by 2015. Exact date and location will be communicated later
  • Mass Dharna by CCGEW at New Delhi on 09th January, 2014 and National Executive meeting at MP Club, North Avenue, New Delhi on 10th Jan 2014

  • Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers (CCGEW) 15th and 16th November, 2013 Mumbai

    Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers (CCGEW) was organized as a study camp (All India Trade Education Camp) on 15th and 16th November, 2013 at CLI Auditorium, Central Labour Institute, Siion,.

    Sri D.R.R. Swamy, Working President and Sri S. Murugan, General Secretary with two Interpreters from NIHH (Mumbai), were attended the camp for two days.

    Com Tapen Sen (MP and General Secretary of CITU, New Delhi), had inaugurated the camp and gave the inaugural lecture on “Two decades of Globalisation policies and the Task of the Trade Unions”. His lecture detailed about the impact of globalisation in the country in general and specifically on working class.

    Speeches by:
    1. Com M.S. Raja, Working President CCGEW,
    2. Com S.K. Vyas, Adviser, CCGEW,
    3. Com Giri Raj Singh, Vice President, CCGEW,
    4. Com Ashok Dhawle, Secretary, AIKS,
    5. Com K.K.N. Kutty, President, CCGEW,
    6. DR.A. Raghu Kumar, Advocate,
    7. Com Jayaraj K.V. Assistant Secretary, CCGEW,
    8. Com A.D. Golandaz, Vice President, AITUC,
    9. Com. R.P. Singh Organising Secretary, CCGEW

    Com.M. Krishnan (Secretary General, CCGEW) and Com P.M. Worlikar, (President CCGEW, Mumbai) were presided the session.

    The co-participants were the leaders of various Central Govt. Employees’ organization.

    Eight lectures were organized during the 2 days camp in which more than 250 delegates representing about 45 organisations from 25 ministries and departments from various part of the country.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Function @ Bengaluru, on 15th Sep, 2013

    Karnataka Central Government employees, celebrated the GANESH CHATURTHI at Bengaluru on 15th September, 2013 and had special lunch, which was arranged from their donations.

  • Committee Meeting @ Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh on 1st Sep, 2013

    Meeting Venue:

    Memorial Building Near South Central Railway Mazdoor Union’s office

    Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members and Working Committee Members (Two Executive Committee members were on leave), along with President Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, Working President Mr. D.R.R.Swamy, and Vice Presidents Mr. N.Prakash, and Mr. Asif A Bhimani.

    Minutes of meeting:
    General Secretary S.Murugan presented his report, through computer projector and explained his presentation through Indian Sign Language, to all Managing Committee Members, Secretaries and all Asst. Committee Members of our Andhra Pradesh chapter.
    It was decided unanimously to conduct, our next Working Committee Meeting at Patna, Bihar State and dates will be confirmed later and our next General Body Meeting at Chennai by February, 2014.

  • General body meeting @ Hyderabad on 18th August, 2013


    We have selected three secretaries for the posts of coordinator, convenor and accounts handler respectively, and seven Assistant committee members for Andhra Pradesh Chapter, through our election committee, consisting of Com.B.Srinivas and Mr. P.Narsimulu as Election Officers, and Mr. P.S.Ramaiah and Mr. G.K.Durga Rao as Asst Election Officers. Below you can find the list of selected members and their posts.

    The selected members serve in their respective posts for two years. Below you can find the list of selected members under their posts.

    Selected Secretaries:
    1. Mr. B.Ramulu (Co.ordination)
    2. Mr. K.Gopi (Convenor)
    3. Mr. M.Hari Krishna (Accounts)

    Selected Assistant Committee Members:
    1. Mrs. B.Sudhira Reddy
    2. Mr. B.Suresh Babu
    3. Mr. M. Govinda Rao
    4. Mr. Ch.Ravi Kumar
    5. Mr. M.V.Naga Raju
    6. Mr. K.R.Seshagiri Rao
    7. Mr. E.Vijayan

    Our General Secretary(Mr. S.Murugan) brief, about the meetings that, he attended at New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, and about Annual General Body Meeting, which will be hosted in Chennai.

    Mr. K.Gopi, Secretary (Convenor) brief about, the next General Body Meeting for Andhra Pradesh Chapter, which will be hosted in Vijayawada and, his responsibilities for improving our activities in future.

  • Consultative Workshop @ New Delhi on 27th May, 2013

    Consultative Workshop for framing draft guidelines for creation of non-disabling work environment for government employees with disabilities to enable them to function smoothly in government service, held on 27th May, 2013 at New Delhi.

    – Our general secretary, have attended the workshop on the invitation of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (New Delhi) and, have discussed about the draft guidelines required by Department of Personnel and Training (New Delhi).

    Attended officials:
    1. Joint Secretary (AT & A), Department of Personnel & Training(New Delhi)
    2. Joint Secretary (DA) Social Justice & Empowerment(New Delhi)
    3. Chairman, Rehabilitation Council of India (New Delhi)
    4. Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Social Justice & Empowerment (New Delhi)

    – We have received final draft guidelines from the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, New Delhi by email on 14th June, 2013 and we would forward the same to the Department of Personnel and Training (New Delhi).

    – Section Officer, the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, has accepted our request to send the final draft guideline, which will be distributed to all our Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members, and Working Committee Members in the meeting at Hyderabad on 1st September, 2013

  • Our Association meeting @ Bangalore, Karnataka on 7th April, 2013

    Central Government Deaf Employee’s meeting for Karnataka State held in Bengaluru at National College (Basavanagudi) on 7th April, 2013. Chief Guest Mr C. Bharathiwaj Ovi, President Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao and General Secretary Mr. S.Murugan were present.

    Mr. Y.V.Jagannath explained about Rev. Father Harry Stocks, who spent most of his life in the service of the differently abled for hearing people. We are deeply saddened by his demise on January 19, 2013 at Hospice Niagara (Canada) after a lengthy, courageous and serene struggle with cancer. His first assignment, to the Holy Cross Missions in Bangalore, India, was the beginning of a life-long, passionate commitment to India and its people. He was initiated into his option for the poor by his involvement in two large projects: Young Christian Workers’ Movement (YCW) and Ministry for the Deaf.

    He developed a special sensitivity to the people who were deaf and dedicated over 38 years of his life to their benefit. He built a training centre for the deaf in Bangalore. Its modern equipment enabled graduates to get jobs in factories. He began a second such centre in Karwar. His work with the deaf and the workers’ movement led to national (India) involvement with several organizations, other religious communities and non-Christian agencies. His work with and advocacy for the deaf extended into Asia.

    Then we maintained silence for a minute in the memory of Rev. Father Harry Stocks.

    Later function started by lighting the traditional light. Chief Guest released the annual report of year 2012(Issue-II) and distributed to all members. Mr. C. Bharathwaj Ovi attended this function for the first time as a chief guest. He is professionally an engineer in the software services for engineering and manufacturing solutions and provides honorary consultancy for the design and web content management of our association and also helps in the composing official mails etc. He was very happy to release the annual report. He told that all differently abled for hearing people should learn internet to make our day today life easy. For example use of emails, internet banking etc.

    President Mr M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao explained about the future plan our Association’s and explained the guide rules.

    General Secretary Mr S.Murugan narrated about, behind the scenes in the creation of the Annual Report – 2011-12 (Issue-II), and discussed the following things. The bullet points of the income and expense of our association fund. About lack of fund he mentioned that it is hard to achieve our objectives with the current available fund. So we need to increase our fund.

    With the available funds, we have issued Identity cards to our members from Maharashtra (Nagpur,Pune & Mumbai), Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. We are expecting applications for Identity card from West Bengal, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Solapur (Maharashtra).

    We went to New Delhi twice and met officials about granting Central Government recognition for our association and, permission to participate in Central Executive Meeting and Training. We will improve our association’s website with the updates of our annual report and other developments.

    We are affiliated to the National Institute of Visually Handicapped Employees Association, Dehradun from Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, New Delhi. We have requested and waiting for the reply from the Central Government to grant the affiliation, to Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers, New Delhi. In future, on invitation, we will plan to go Kolkata/New Delhi to attend the meetings with them.

    Since the non-availability of the meeting hall in Kolkata, we may conduct our next General Body Meeting/Seminar/Training either in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) or in Hyderabad.

    The agenda for the next General Body Meeting/Seminar/Training would be the creation of bye-laws for our Association and we will move forward to get the consensus of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India for our newly created bye law and Memorandum of Association.

    Our Association’s request is to donate any amount towards development fund which would be spent towards communication, transport, meetings with the Delhi officials, Special meeting, General body meetings at Hyderabad and Chennai and service charges for interpreters, web hosting services for our website, internet providers and affiliation fee for affiliating with national level associations and etc.

    Finally he thanked, all members who attended the function, and Mr. Y.V.Jagannath, who made the meeting hall and other arrangements and Executive Committee Members for making this program a success.

  • Meeting @ Trichy, Tamil Nadu – 20th January, 2013

    Our association’s Tamil Nadu branch has conducted 2nd meeting on 20th January, 2013 at TMSSS Empowerment Center, Trichy.

    The Chief Guest, Mr. Baskaran, Branch Secretary, FNPO (Federation of National Postal Organizations) Union – Tiruchirapalli Division, had given the Guest speech. Our members of Tamil Nadu branch have presented the memorial prize the chief guest.

    Mr M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao (President), Mr N.Prakash (Vice President), Mrs E.Kamalavani (Working Committee Member) and Secretary of Tamil Nadu State Central Government Deaf Employees president were given the presentation on Central Government Rules and Guide to us.

    Mr M.Arunachalam (Trichy) and Mrs. Vijayal (Chennai) who were retiring from the Railway service, were given special gifts by the members of Tamil Nadu State Central Government Deaf Employees. They were happy about their superannuation /retirement.

    Our Association thanked Mr. G.Raju and Mr. M. Arunachalam, of Southern Railway, Trichy and Mr Senthil Vadival (Postal, Trichy) for rendering their support for the arrangements of this meeting at Tiruchirapalli and also donated money towards our association. Without their support this event won’t be a success.

  • Highlights of 3rd General Body meeting @ Bangalore 14th to 15th July, 2012

     Dear all members,

    Thanks for attending the 3rd general body meeting and seminar, from 14th to 15th July, 2012 at Bengaluru (Bangalore).
    Our sincere thanks to,
    the director of Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) of DRDO for permitting us to use their community hall,
    Mr. M.V.L.Narsimha, Deputy Chief Construction Engineer, the manager of Estate Management Unit (EMU) for providing us hall, water and electricity for free of cost and also for accepting our invitation. Because of official reasons, he could not make it up on 14th July, 2012.
    Com.Ananda Raman, General Secretary of Aeronautical Development Establishment Employees (ADE) Union for the acceptance of our invitation for being chief guest and helped our association members Mr.Madhukar and Mr.John Issac for arranging accommodation and meeting hall.

    Day #1 (14th July, 2012) 

    Our speakers,

    Mr. M.Vimalan, Chief & Staff Welfare Inspector, Southern Railway, who have asked us to be united for our cause and he would support us to achieve it.
    Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao, our association President, had expressed his happiness about the arrangement done for the event (general body meeting and seminar) by the association members. He thanked all families of our association members for attending this meeting. Also, he told that, he put his utmost effort to achieve the outcomes of this meeting discussion for the welfare of our association members.
    Mr Y.V.Jagannath, our Executive Committee Member, Bangalore and Mr Madhukar, our association member, Bangalore thanked all interpreters and our members from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal for attending this 3rd general body meeting and seminar.

    Beautiful, graceful and charming cultural events done by,
    1.Sheilla Kothavala Institute for the Differently abled for hearing, Bangalore-17.
    2.Hamsahwani Differently abled for hearing School, Bangalore-8.
    3.Daughter of our association member(Railway) from Chhattisgarh
    4.Mr Kamal Kishore Sharma, our association member(Defence) from New Delhi
    5.Mr Asif A Bhimani, our association member(Water Research) from Pune

    Com.Ananda Raman distributed and Mr. M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao distributed the cash awards to the students participated in the cultural events.

    Day #2 (15th July, 2012)

    Com.Gopal Rao, Chief Guest, (Organising Secretary, All India Defence Employees Federation, Pune), Com R.N.Nagaraj,JCM.III level member, DRDO (counsel) and General Secretary, Electronics Research and Development Establishment (LRDE) Employees Union were the Chief Guests on 15th July,2012.
    Our association office bearers, Mr M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao (President), Mr D.R.R.Swamy(Working President), Mr N.Prakash (Vice President), Mr Asif A Bhimani (Vice President) spoke about our associations’ functions.
    Our General Secretary Mr. S. Murugan had given a power point presentation through a projector.

    Gist of Mr. S. Murugan’s presentation:
    In his presentation,

      • Explained about the efforts taken to get Central government’s recognition and the importance of getting our central governments’ recognition for our association as early as possible.
      • The governments’ recognition would enable our members to attend the certain important forums such as Permanent Negotiating Machine(PNM), Participation Railway Employees Machine(PREM) and Joint Consultative Machinery(JCM), with different departments of Central government such as Social Justice & Empowerment, Department of Personnel & Training(DoPT) to fulfill our association’s demand or grievance for the welfare of the differently abled for hearing employees of our Central government.
      • Mentioned about the magazine “Swamy”, which publishes all Central Governments’ order under memorandum.
      • Worried about some officials, who never consider the rules for the differently abled. So, he advised our appropriate members (such as office bearers) to attend the JCM and PNM, meetings to take necessary action on the circulars as per DoPT’s memorandum vide letters. This would help us to bridge the communication gap between the higher authorities (such as Railway Board) and us.
      • Worried about that, trade union leaders are not concerning about the differently abled for hearing employees of department of defence. So he requested the union leaders of the department of Defence to support our Association to attend JCM and All India Defence Employees’ Federation(AIDEF), meetings to help the differently abled for hearing employees.
      • Explained about key outcomes of JCM meeting (details would be updated soon in our website).
      • Mentioned about the previous sessions of the seminar on ‘Establishment rules for differently abled’ at Viskhapatnam and Trivananthapuram. Also he would conduct such seminars in Bangalore shortly.
      • Presented the chartered accountant report of our Association’s finance account of the year 2011-12.
      • Invited all members for the next (4th) General body meeting and Seminar at Kolkata.

    Gist of the Speech by Com R.N.Nagaraj: 

        He is working as General Secretary in LRDE Employees Union service for 13 years. He is happy to become JCM.III council of DRDO from Bangalore region. He had organized free medical camps for the DRDO including officers, staff pensioners and their dependants also passing on the free camp benefits to the police department personnel. He is also conducting such camps in rural areas of Bangalore. Blood donations camps are also organized frequently.

    Gist of the Speech by Com Gopal Rao: 

        He stressed about the consideration of
      • the increase of reservation from 3% to 5% in Central government services,
      • our governments to enact Physically Handicap (PH) Act properly for the welfare of all differently abled, in all departments for the transfer them to nearest places by the Railways and defence, according to the PH act.
      • Arjuna Awards for differently abled for hearing people.
      • All Federations to discuss with us in the welfare of all differently abled people.
      • And he encouraged us to join together with other associations and stress our demands for the welfare of the differently abled through rallying, conducting seminars and presenting memorandum to the government. Unite we live, so its sure that we could achieve our goal.

    Com Gopal Rao and Com Nagaraj released and distributed the identity cards, to Kerala and Nagpur members. Remaining Identity cards would be distributed to the rest of the members soon.

    Com Gopal Rao awarded,

    Mr. Sathyanarasimha from Bangalore, who had retired from defence on December,2011 and Mr Srieevasa Chanryulu(was absent on that day) from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh who had retired from Railways on December,2012.
    Mr Madhukar, Mr.John Iassc, Mr.Balakrishna, Mr. T H Gowda, Mr.Y V Jagannath who were the key persons in the arrangement of our seminar at Bangalore.
    Grievances were expressed by 23 of our association members in the post lunch, grievance hearing event.

    Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) meeting highlights

    It was sad that no officers from Social Justice & Empowerment and association for the disability persons attend the JCM meeting.
    It was stressed in the meeting for the following demands.
    1. Recognised trade unions should consider differently abled for hearing employees’ problem/grievances.
    2. Should be given double transport allowance(TA) for differently abled for hearing employees of Central Government
    3. Should be consider for paid taxies by differently abled for hearing employee on Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
    4. Should be consider for Roster point/promotion/training differently abled for hearing employees as par SC/ST employees.
    Promotions are not given to some employees of defence, railways etc., who are working in Group’D’ for many years. Our Association requests the defence and railway officers to help the eligible differently abled for hearing employees who attend the examination/trade test/interview against vacancies. Same applies for the Group’B’ employees with similar situation.
    We requests ‘Employee Exchange/Vocational Rehabilitation’ Centre to help the differently abled for hearing candidates through job opportunity. Also requested DRDO and Railway Recruitment Cell(RRC), to relax the cutoff marks, for the examinations for differently abled for hearing candidates.
    We request Government of India to provide special trainings for differently abled for hearing candidates/employees, similar to the special trainings given to SC/ST candidates/employees.

  • Meeting at Bangalore on 18th March, 2012

    1.On 18th March,2012, President,Mr Bala Venkata Rama Rao, General Secretary, S.Murugan, Working CommitteeMember, E.Kamalavani had discussion with Karnataka Central Govt Deaf Employees at National College, Basvangudi,Bangalore.

    2.The discussion was about, having an association at Delhi and about the plan of the programme the Seminar/General body meeting to be held at Bangalore on July,2012.

    3.President spoke about the association’s in future vision.

  • Highlights of Working Committee Meeting & Seminar held at Pune on 25th and 26th of February 2012

    1.3rd Working Committee Meeting was conducted at Pune on 25th February, 2012

    2.A Seminar was conducted by Maharashtra Central Govt Deaf Employees Association on 26th February, 2012, which was presided over by Sri B.Srinivas, (Advisor, AICGDEA) .

    3.3. Advertised in the news paper (Hindi) dated 29th Feb,2012 (click here for advertisement details):”

    click here for advertisement details

  • Brief about Thiruvananthapuram meeting on 28th and 29th January,2012

    Central Government deaf employees of Kerala have arranged for our associations’ third meeting program at Conference Hall, Public Works Department, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram on 28th and 29th January, 2012.

    On 28th Jan,2012 our chief guests Mr. R.Aswani Kumar, Dy Director of Employment of Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) for Handicapped, Thiruvananthapuram and Mr. Sunder Rajan, works with Composite Regional Center (CRC) for Persons with the Disabilities, Thiruvananthapuram, lighted up the lamp in the opening ceremony. We stressed them, about approaching of higher officials in New Delhi without fail, to solve our problems.

    Mr. S. Murugan, General Secretary explained in detail about our Association’s intended activities to solve grievance of staffs. Mr. Rajan Babu of NGO Association expressed his support for our Association.

    On 29th January, 2012 our association members of Kerala giftedMiss. Neethu, daughter of Mr P. Uday Kumar who works with Central Government Agricultural department, for her achievement in winning 5th place for Women Doubles’ in 3rd World Deaf Badminton Championship, 2011 held in South Korea and participation, in the 3rd Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship, 2010 held in Indonesia. Its really a pride to our association.

    Mr. S. Murugan, General Secretary explained the establishment rules. Participated members learnt it curiously and willing to improve it. They were very happy, satisfied about this meeting program, and thanked to all who made this program a grand success, especially Mr. K. L. Joby and others who arranged the meeting hall, Rest rooms etc.

  • Release of our association’s Annual Report 11th December, 2011 Visakhapatnam

    • We have conducted 3rd meeting with Deaf staff of Central Government, Andhra Pradesh at Public Library, Sri Nagar, Visakhapatnam on 11th December, 2011 (Sunday).
    • General Secretary of AICGDEA, conducted the association’s first training program on Establishments Rules.
    • Sri G.Krishna Reddy, Chief Librarian of Public Library, Visakhapatnam had released our association’s first issue of ‘Annual Report’ for the year 2010-11. This issue would be distributed to our life members.
  • Our association’s first Tamil Nadu meeting 11th December, 2011 Arokkonam

    • The First Tamil Nadu AICGDEA meeting was held on 11th December, 2011 at Joya Home Centre for Orphan Children, Arokkonam.
    • Smt E. Kamalavani, Secretary AICGDEA (Tamil Nadu), delivered the welcome note.
    • Sri M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao(President), Sri N.Prakash (Vice President), Sri Tamil Arasu (Executive Committee Member), Sri Vimalan (Legal Adviser) and Sri Devadass (Director of Joya Home) were participated in the meeting.
    • Sri M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao explained in detail about the rules and regulations for deaf employees.
    • Sri N.Prakash spoke about the upliftment of our society.
    • Sri. Tamil Arasu, requested all employees to support for the development of their activities before representing our concerns to the government officials and to the D.O.P.T for our case to increase the available positions for the employment of deaf candidates similar to the reservation for the SC/ST/OBC candidates
    • Smt E.Kamalavani appealed to all deaf employees working in Tamil Nadu to join our association.
    • Sri Vimalan, Legal Adviser promised to assist for all the grievances of deaf employees.
    • Sri Devadass delivered the thanking note.
    • Thanked Sri Devadass and his wife who have helped in giving the hall for the meeting.
    • Our association thanked Sri. Devadass for Joya Home hall for our meeting.
  • General Body Meeting/Seminar 1st to 4th July 2011, at Hyderabad

    We are very happy and thankful to you all who visited Hyderabad from 1st July,2011 to 4th July,2011 and thank full to Chief Guest Mr G.T.Gopal Rao, Organizing Secretary, All India Defence Employees’ Federation who visited the meeting hall of Keyes High School for the Girls on 03July2011 with Vice Chairmen, Interpreter & others.

    We have discussed on Annual National Convention at Abhilasha Conference Hall (Hotel), RTC X road, Hyderabad. with Union Leaders Com. K.Siva Kumar, Divisional Secretary, South Central Railway Mazdoor Union, Secunderabad Division, Secunderabad, Com.N.Venkataiah Ex.Divisional President, Secunderabad Division, Secunderabad, Advocate, Mr Shashi Shekar and speech by the Office bearers/Executive Committee members on 01July2011. We arranged Projector and Video and Camera on 01July2011. Union leaders will implement our demands in future. Advocate can help our Association in time. Our Association regrets that Inspectors and Gazetted Officers absented. They informed us their work on the same date.

    We have discussed in the seminar with all members on 02July2011 to 03July2011 and few deaf children dancing in the meeting hall on 03July2011 and were given special gifts to them on the same date. Also respected Mr L.K.Gopal of Air force station, Bangalore retired on 31st April, 2010 was given Shawl, Garland and Bouguet by Chief Guest.

    Members (Uttar Pradesh, Kolkatta, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka) of remaining states do not know about our Association’s meeting or they can not avail leave/special casual leave to attend the marriage/function etc.,

    We arranged for the members who were on tour to (Hyderabad city/ to visit Ramoji City Films) on 04July2011 for training.

    Hope all members are satisfied with the General Body Meeting and National Convention from 1st July to 4th July, 2011 and also for arrangement of accommodation and food from 1st July to 4th July, 2011.

    Our Association must solve all members’ problems in future.

    3rd General body meeting/Seminar will be held at Bangalore in the next year.

    Thanking you all the delegates and Union leaders for attending from 1st July to 4th July, 2011.

    Our Association’s struggle is to improve our demands. We will get success in future.