Minutes of Meetings


  • Minutes recorded in the 6th Working Committee Meeting held at Youth Hostel, Sports complex, Ranital, Jabalpur on 24th April, 2016.

    Minutes recorded in the 6th Working Committee Meeting held at Youth Hostel, Sports complex, Ranital, Jabalpur on 24th April, 2016.

    1. Prayer

    2. Speech welcoming and Thanking all for having attended AICGDEA’s 6th Working Committee Meeting held at Jabalpur on 24th April, 2016 at 10 a.m.

    3. Sri Asif A. Bhimani, Vice President, Sri M. Hari Krishna, Joint Treasurer.
    Sri Vijay Kumar Walia, Executive Committee Member, Sri P. Kishan Rao, Executive Committee Member and Sri M. Bala Venkata Rama Rao, Vice Chairman have not attended this meeting today.

    • Received leave letter for his from Sri Asif A Bhimani through Whatsapp citing mother’s illness as the reason and received leave letter from Sri Hari Krishna through Sri B.Venkataiah citing reason that he has to attend marriage.
    • Received leave letter from Sri M. Bala Venkata Rama Rao by speed post.citing domestice works as the reason.
    • Not received any letter from Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia and P. Kishan Rao.

    4. It was decided in the meeting that the communication will be sent in the form of a letter to all Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members to attend all the meetings without fail.

    • The Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members are exempted to take leave in case of Son/daughter’s engagement and/or marriage, Parents’ serious illnesses and/or Children’s Final Examination/Board Examination.
    • Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members who are absent without leave letters for three times will not be allowed to contest in the election in the future.

    5. The Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members were advised to collect the annual fee of ` 300 for the years 2015 to 2017 from all members. An amount of ` 500 is payable along with new membership form. The form must be attached with photocopy of the hearing disability certificate, Office Identity card etc.

    6. It was decided that the association will pay the rail tickets from Headquarters to and fro. The food will also will be paid for which the details of the Bank accounts and the bills have to be furnished.

    7. We request
    Sri Asif A Bhimani, Vice President,Sri Amit Ratan Dube, Joint Secretary,
    Sri M.Hari Krishna, Joint Treasurer,Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia, Executive Committee Member,Sri Sanjay Soni,Executive Committee Member and,
    S.Murugan, General Secretary to pay their respective nomination fee without fail.
    Smt Radha Kakaria, Vice President and Sri Shanavaz.S, Joint Secretary are also advised to each pay ` 1000 towards balance due.
    8. The details of our Association are uploaded in the website and available on whatapp too. The website address is www.aicgdeaf.org

    • The members wanted to know about the whatsapp admn which is as under:



    S.No. Apps Name/Group Admn Cell No.
    01 A.I.C.G.D.E.A S.Murugan 9866693561
    02 Zonal Level of AICGDEA S.Murugan 9866693561
    03 T.S.C.G.Deaf employees (Telangana) Mohd Aziz Ur Rehman 9866664678
    04 AP Central Govt.Deaf (Andhra Pradesh) M.Hari Krishna 9849398834
    05 Deaf Employees of Gujarat Gulamnasiruddin A munshi 9974009454
    06 CGDE A Eapen Babu 9745815331
    07 KCGDEA (Kerala) K.L.Joby 9400368915
    08 KCGDE(Karnataka) Bala Krishna 9880173207
    09 CGE of CG (Chhatisgarh) Anupam Mishra 9407993074
    10 C G employee Maharashtra Amit Ratan Dube 9665956699
    11 Central Govt M.P.(Madhya Pradesh) Sanjay Soni 8989142285
    11 West zone of central govt Sanjay Soni 8989142285
    12 T N C G D E (Tamil nadu) Kamalavani 9894012068
    13 BCGED (Bihar) Rajesh Kumar Sinha 8987390303
    14 “AICGDEA” (West Bengal) Suman Bhar 8013566026


    Note: A request was made to text message for inclusion in the whatapp group admn.
    9. I enquired at the Registered office, Hyderabad to send approval for Byelaw/ amendment but due to some discrepancy in the signature by Smt. T.Parvathi, Smt. B. Padmavathi and Sri P. Kishan Rao, we have not been able to get the bye law. We request not to change the signature and also write your full name in future.

    10. Sri Jothi, member from (Tamil nadu) has agreed to donate the Annual report books for the use for General Body Meetings (Chennai and Kolkata). We will try to distribute the Annual report books in next General body meeting. (Books will supplied for maximum members and keeping 100 book in spare).

    11. The next Annual General Body Meeting will be held at Agra during the month of September 2016.This was decided by Sri Mukesh Kakaria Organising Secretary. The tentative dates of this meeting are 18 September,2016 (Night ) till 21st September,2016 (Early morning). It was decided that Sri Mukesh Kakaria, Organising Secretary shall host the next Annual General Body Meeting to be held at Agra on September, 2016 (To be fixed on 18th Sept night to 21st Sept, 2016 early morning). In the conversation with Smt Kamalavani, she expressed that the meeting can not be held at Coimbatore and thus it was decided in this meeting to hold/conduct the meeting at Agra.
    Note:Subsequently on the whatapp video/message it is decided to hold the meeting from 19th Sept as against the decision made in the meeting to hold it from 18th Sept, 2016.

    12. Office Bearers & Executive Committee Members were requested to pay advance of `.5000/- or more than `5000/-towards the expenses for the meeting hall rents, rest rooms and food etc. Our Association shall repay them such amount later.

    13. The details of the charges in the present meeting are as under:
    • Delegate fee (including hall rest room and food) … `.1700
    • Family member fee (including hall, rest room and food) …`.2000
    • Local (including hall and food except B/fast & Dinner) …`.1000
    Note: Now, it is decided to chat with Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members through whatapp video and message to change the delegate fee charges from `.1700 to `.2000/-

    14. Members may arrive at either Fort Agra stations or Agra Cantonment station.

    15. The Organising Secretary will try to decide upon a place for conducting the next general body meeting at Agra. The next option for the place of venue of the meeting is Bilaspur in Chattisgarh state.

    16. It was decided to increase the fee charges for obtaining identity card from `.100 to `.150 per person.

    17. Our Association will be informed about the Approval of the Byelaw/amendment.

    18. The account for the amount collected for tour charges and sightseeing shall not be included in the association’s account.

    19. Sri Anupam Mishra will take necessary action to collect the amount from members for the tour and the transport tour buses.

    20. The Association has not received order/memorandum from Railway Board and Social Justice and Empowerment about our request letter for promotion and BERA in all Government hospitals.

    21. Efforts are on to get Income tax 80G certificate.

    22. Received acknowledgement (through Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia) from Railway Board’s office, New Delhi with regard to our request letter about promotion..

    23. We will soon communicate to the Finance Mininstry on our demand for 7 h Pay commission. A letter to Finance Ministry for our demands in 7th Central Pay Commission will be sent by speed post shortly.
    Note: The letter is since sent on 29.04.2016.

    24. Received letter from CCGEW, New Delhi.
    1. Trade Education camp held at Dehradun – 24th to 25th May, 2016
    Sri Amrish Singh, ECM, Smt Radha Kakaria will be relieved to attend the camp.
    Note: Only, Sri Amrish Singh attended the camp.

    25. Distributed the identity cards to all the Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members. These are valid upto 2018.

    26. It was decided that S.Murugan, General Secretary, Sri Amit R Dube, Joint Secretary and Y.V.Jagannath, Treasurer will plan to go to Ahmedabad, Gujarat for Central Government meeting to be held on 3rd July, 2016.

    27. Informed that loan advance of ` 5000/- each was received by the Association from Sri M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao and Sri N.Prakash.

    28. It was decided to hold the 7th Working Committee meeting at Dehradun, Uttkrakhand state.

    Sri Y.V.Jagannath’s speech:
    >He has not claimed TA at double rate. Requested to write a letter to Bangalore
    address and copy to Union leader, Bangalore
    >Railway concession – No escort
    >Requested to write a letter for hearing disability certificate option of Deaf and Dumb
    in placed HI/HH.
    >Proposed to give Memento like sport cup to retired Government employees.
    >Requested to pay the nomination fee and collect the money before December, 2016
    without fail.
    >To write a letter to all members to pay annual fee without fail.

    Sri Amit R Dube’s speech:
    >Expressed that he tried his best to collect Rs.10,000 towards Annual fee (2016,
    2017) from Pune members.
    >Requested to write a letter about Kranti S Molak, Pune’s duty problem and Ashok
    Gaikwad, Pune demanded to claim sport increment and get promotion
    >Khirod Ratan’s grievance with regard to Grade pay from 1900 to 1800 on mutual

    Sri Anupam Mishra:
    >Requested to issue Income tax booklets and Govt order booklets from our

    Sri D.R.R.Swamy:
    >He will give Government order rules regarding promotion on old aged
    employees/ACP/MACPS/Sport increment.
    >He made talks with Government official to grant us TA/DA.

    Sri Shanavaz.S:
    >Handed over grievance of Eapen Babu to General Secretary since he has not
    claimed GPF for a year a long time back.
    >Should write suggestion in minutes book.
    >He wanted to know if a nominee, who had been on leave, can file for nomination of
    post for contesting in Election in next General body meeting. The decision on
    whether or not to permit such nominee to contest election, will be taken in the next
    Annual General Body Meeting.

    • Minutes recorded in the Special Committee Meeting held at YMCA , Secunderabad Branch, S.P.Road, Secunderabad on 09th September, 2015.

    • 1. Prayer: We prayed the almighty that Sri K.V.Subba Rao, aged 59 years old who was working in South Central Railway, Secunderabad who expired on 18th August, 2015, his soul be in peace.

      2. General Secretary distributed two booklets of Trainings which was held at Kolkata (NIHH & NIOH regarding Legal Right for persons with Hearing Impaired and Govt. facilities and benefit for Persons with Disabilities) on 24th & 25th June, 2015.

      3. The meeting decided to payment the rail tickets, food (Minimum Rs.300/- to 350/- per day)for our office bearers and executive committee members (old and new) in this meeting.

      4. New Committee members of Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia, New Delhi and Amrish Singh, Dehradun were absented and Old Office Bearers and committee members of Sri N.Prkash, Chennai, Sri S.Tamil Arasu, Chennai, Sri David Babu, Kerala, Sri Prabal Kumar Chatterjee, Kolkata were absented at present.

      5. All the nomination forms of winners/losers have been signed completely.

      6. Sri B.Nageshwar Rao, Returning Officer, Com.Piyush Roy, Election Officer & Sri S.P.Roy, Chief Election Officer have been satisfied with our Election/meeting.

      7. Resolution for working year 2015-18 has been passed.

      8. We paid gratitude to outgoing office bearers for their rendered service.

      9. Identity card (Hallgran) will be printed by paying fee Rs.100/- per head.

      10. Smt Radha Kakaria recommended Shri S.Swaminadhan , Joint Commission of Income tax may be nominated for the post of “Chairman’ or “Advisor”.

      11. Sri D.R.R.Swamy, President has been assigned duties regarding affiliated CCGEW’s meetings.

      12. Smt Radha Kakaria, Vice President has been assigned duties regarding meeting with Central Govt higher authorities.

      13. Shri Asif A Bhimani, Vice President has been assigned duties regarding hall etc.,

      14. Sri S.Murugan, General Secretary has been assigned duties regarding general affairs and management etc.,

      15. Gujarat Deaf team requested Shri S. Murugan, General Secretary to visit Gujarat regarding Central Govt matters. Hence, General Secretary, Joint Secretary (East) and Joint Treasurer may be deputed to attend Gujarat meeting.

      16. In absence of General Secretary, Shri D.Jaya Prakash, Joint Secretary (HQ) may be assigned duties as a Asst to General secretary dealing with management affairs etc.,

      17. As per direction of General Secretary, Shri Shanavaz, Joint Secretary has been assigned the duties regarding South India affairs/management correspondence etc.,

      18. As per direction of General Secretary, Shri Amit D.Rathan, Joint Secretary has been assigned the duties regarding (West+Central) affairs/management correspondence etc.,

      19. President,General Secretary and Treasurer have been authorized to deal with Bank A/c etc.,

      20. Shri M.Hari Krishna, Joint Treasurer and Y.V.Jagannath, Treasurer have been assigned to prepare income/expenditure the statement.

      21. Sri Anupam Mishra, Executive Committee Member has been assigned the work of photography etc.,

      22. Sri Sanjay Soni, Executive Committee Member has been assigned duties to assist Treasurer to collect membership fees, admission fees, annual fee and delegate fee etc.,

      23. Sri Gopalkrishnan who encouraged and start this Association and gave speech and appreciated our efforts.

      24. Sri D.R.R.Swamy said I will be able to deal with the matters related to politics, meeting MLA/MP etc. and will solve the high problems. State wise meeting should be held in present of President, General Secretary and other office committee members. State wise Association should post on behalf of its association. State will bear expenses regarding lodging/boarding etc., State wise report should be prepared.

      25. Sri M.Bala Venkata Rama Rao desired to post as Vice Chairman against vacancy of this Association and selected him in the meeting and will decide by Chairman in General Body Meeting as per bye law instructed by Smt Nita Gopal Krishnan.

      26. Sri Rajesh Kumar Sinha proposed that state wise meeting should be held in presence of General Secretary and Vice President so that problem could be solved.

      27. President, Vice Presidents and General Secretary to pay Rs.5000/-, Joint Secretaries/Treasurer, Treasurer to pay Rs.4000 and Executive Committee Members to pay Rs.3000/- against nomination fee.

      28. General Secretary proposed that Smt Nita may be appointed as Office Secretary after get our office room.

      29. Smt Nita explained the importance of amendment/byelaw of this Association.

    • Minutes recorded in the 5th General Body Meeting held at State Youth Centre, Moulali, Kolkata on
      24th June, 2015.

      1. Prayer for completion of 5 years celebration and 5th Annual General Body Meeting and number of Deaf attended around 201 members from all over India. Prayer as Siva Ramakrishna Pillai, Kerala and Ananda, Karnataka just 2 minutes standing.

      2.General Secretary informed Instructor/Educator from AYJNIHH, Kolkata and AYJNIHH busy for lecturer Later come at 12 pm to 1 pm.

      3. General Secretary’s report for the year 2010 to 2015 (Five years) was released. He explained about the activities of the Association for the past years like activity, organized by Government, Court cases, some state meetings like Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, New Delhi for problems of Deaf during Training/Seminar. Remaining states meetings will organize in future.

      4. Sign Interpreter Shri Amresh son of Mr.Gopalakrishnan (Deaf) and his son asked any problems of association regarding development of AICGDEA. His son promised to help future arrangement and assist to sign language.

      5. All India Central Govt Deaf Employees must pay annual fee Rs.300/- (Rs.Three hundred only) every for our Association towards development charges. In case, Deaf employees have salary good without information. We feel to kindly co-operate and make a success.

      6. General Secretary informed to all Deaf Employees explained office memorandum towards instructions received from Government department in connection with AICGDEA.

      7.Incentives sport persons received from Govt of India, New Delhi against Working President D.R.R.Swamy,AICGDEA letter was sent to Govt of India, DoPT which is long pending to Deaf Persons who was not received sport incentives allowance.

      8.General Secretary submitted to Chairman, 7th CPC with regard to some important demands against queries received from various Central Government servants. Chairman informed the proposal demands to be submitted to Government of India in time.

      9. To create National Disability Database and its need & Unique Disability ID.

      10. Speech by Shri P.Majumdar, Social Welfare Officer, AYJIHH, ERC, Kolkata explained and given Orientation on “Legal Rights of persons with Hearing Impairment” through showing the projector from pen drive of LAPTOP.

      11. He informed that in Kolkata having Deaf Children differently abled persons prior to normal school equally. He needs to improve awareness programme to hearing disabiled persons. He said available of job reservations at rate of 3% each handicapped persons in Govt Dept PSCUs and also he expressed that private company available only for architecture who know to need the requirement.

      12.He explained that why never apply for job in Govt and no one apply atleast 0.44%.

      13. He informed Deaf must learn to training any any trades than normal people but deaf ca be working very well and our record is 63%.

      14. He informed that diagnostic facilities like
      *National Institutes
      *Govt Hospitals
      *Outreach camps
      This needs can be improve better than normal.

      15.He remembered that no concessional rates for Bus, Air, Train to Deaf. Mr Lalu Prasad (Former Civil Avaition, Govt of India) met by deaf people alongwith some officials that Blind & OH are given the same should be given as special case the same Govt were sanctioned earlier.

      16.To provide every child with disability for free of lot special books and equipments for education excluding scholarship who interested for future studies.

      17.3% reservation against each PH persons and incentive towards work force to disabled persons in Central/State Govt offices/Dept.

      18. Non-discrimination in transport, road and employment but deaf does not apply interested so far. No record has been found. Govt has refused to help in future whatever requirement.

      19. Professional tax exempted under notification is allowed. Who are under working in Central/State Govt.

      a)Shashidhara, IAF, Bangalore :AYJIHIHH explained was very reasonable but all India available school
      (Deaf) 1st std to 10th standard after what next need a +2 upto degree.
      It is very mandatory.
      AJYNIHH,ERC,Kolkata : Deaf suffering to improve study not properly and he/she must go
      vocational training/job orientated course.

      b)Smt T.Parvathi,Rly,Hyd :She written test was passed is 76 score marks against promotion to the post of Jr.Clerk cum Typist. Other than more marks like 78 is more. So can not promotion to the grade against complaint to AICGDEA & her office was sent to Railway Board but Rly Board is no provision.
      AJYNIHH,ERC,Kolkata :Letter to be forwarded to DoPT against her promotion.

      c)John Issac,Bangalore :Air travel concessional already confirmed to Blind and OH persons but deaf not eligible reasons . Not known.
      AJYNIHH,ERC,Kolkata :All India Deaf should appeal letter to Govt for passing the same.

      20.Treasurer explained audited report for 5 years.

      21.Office Bearers of AICGDEA for next 3 years instead of 5 years. General body members agreed on the same.

      Minutes recorded in the 5th General Body Meeting held at State Youth Centre, Moulali, Kolkata on
      25th June, 2015.

      1.General Secretary, S.Murugan, Interpreter Amresh Gopal Krishnan and Com.Pijush Roy, General Secretary,COC of CCGEW, Kolkata explained the amendment and to be proposed the amendment from Deaf Employees who are ticked/deleted some points. Proposed final amendment decided in the meeting and agreed for two days from 24th June, 2015 & 25th June, 2015 for long hours.

      2. Speech by Mr Nayan Roy Chaudhuri, Social Worker, NIOH explained Govt. facilities & benefits for the persons with disabilities though showing the projector from pendrive the LAPTOP.

      3 Our Association presented the following retired employees cash awards to each.
      1. Sri G.Kanak Durga Rao, Retired on 31st January, 2012
      2. Sri P Seetharamaiah, Retired on 30th April,2014
      3.Sri Abraham.K.C. Retired on 30th June, 2014
      4. Sri P.Chandy Ninan,Retired on 31st October, 2014
      5.Sri Subir Chakraborty, Retired on 31st October, 2014
      6.Sri Shreeram Ganesh Desai, Retired on 31st March, 2015
      7.Sri Deb Kumar Chatterjee, Retired on 30th April, 2015
      8.Sri Kaulas Ramchandra Hajare, Retired on 30th September, 2015

      4 Dance & Magic show by Kolkata School for the Deaf and presented them cash

      5. Welcomed by Returning Officer, Sri B.Nageswara Rao, AYJNIHH, Election Officer, Com.Pijush Roy, General Secretary, COC, CCCGEW, Kolkata and Chief Election Officer Sri S.P.Roy, M/o Health Ministry, Kolkata.

      6. Nomination received and hand over to the Returning Officer.

      7. Nominators speech and signed on the stage.

      8. Next General Body Meeting will held at Coimbatore as told by Smt E.Kamlavani, if fail will held anywhere in India later.

      9. Secret Ballots issued to all deaf members for vote of case (For post of Vice Presidents – 2 posts and Executive Committee Members – 6 posts).

      10. Results announced by Returned Officer, Election Officer & Chief Election Officer and explained by Interpreter, Amresh Gopal Krishnan.

      11. The following list of posts against names in our AICGDEA.
      1. Sri D.R.R.Swamy : President
      2. Smt Radha Kakaria : Vice President
      3. Sri Asif a Bhimani : Vice President
      4. Sri S.Murugan : General Secretary
      5. Sri D.Jaya Prakash : Joint Secretary (Head Office)
      6. Sri Shanavaz S : Joint Secretary (South)
      7. Sri Amit Ratan Dube : Joint Secretary (West + Centre)
      8. Vacant : Joint Secretary (East)
      9. Vacant : Joint Secretary (North)
      10.Sri Y.V.Jagannath :Treasurer
      11.Sri M.Hari Krishna :Asst Treasurer
      12.Sri Anupam Mishra : Executive committee member
      13.Sri B.Venkataiah : Executive committee member
      14.Sri Sanjay soni : Executive committee member
      15.Sri Vijaya Kumar Walia : Executive committee member
      16. Sri P.Kishan Rao, : Executive committee member
      17. Sri Amrish Singh : Executive committee member

      12. Vote of Thanks
      13. Meeting concluded.

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