Dear Reader, below are the glimpse of reported issues and the provided resolutions, by the intervention of our association.

  • Transfer of Mr. Rakesh P Menon

    Mr. Rakesh P Menon, Postal Assistant, Kasaragod Division, requested his controlling officer for his transfer.

    He wrote to the General Secretary of our association, stating that, he wanted to be transferred to Tirur. His application dated 22April2014 was forwarded by Superintendent of Post, Kasaragod Division addressed to the Post Master General, Northern Region, Calicut and our Association requested in the vide letter dated 31st May, 2014 addressed to the Post Master General, Northern Region, Calicut and copied to the General Secretary, National Federation of Postal Employees, New Delhi.

    Our General Secretary have directed him to meet General Secretary, NFPE, New Delhi on 10th September, 2014. As a result he got Order (Chief Postmaster General, Kerala Circle,Trivandrum’s letter No.ST/36/R-38/1/14 dated 27.0.2014) regarding his transfer to Tirur. He is now reporting in his office, Tirur since 27th December, 2014.

  • Transfer of Mr. D.M.M. Manohar:

    Mr. D.M.M.Manohar, Jr.Clerk (Stores) is working under Sr.Section Engineer (P.way), South Central Railway, Secunderabad. He is a differently abled person for hearing and faced difficulties in performing his allocated activities in the Store section. So he had submitted an application, requesting his transfer from Store section to Establishment section on 17th and 26th of April2014.

    On the request of Mr. D.M.M Manohar, Divisional Railway Manager issued an order(Ref: S.O.O.31/DRM/Engg/2014; SCR/P-SC/W3/210(A)Transfer/14 dated 23April2014) to transfer him from Permanent Way Inspector, Secunderabad to Permanent Way Inspector, ZB as Jr.Clerk/Stores on administrative ground.

    Since Mr. D.M.M.Manohar requested to retain him in Secunderabad area as Jr.Clerk, our Association had written a letter dated 5th May, 2014, requesting the Divisional Engineer, South Central Railway. Secunderabad, not to transfer to any other on administrative grounds for differently abled employees as per Department of Personnel & Training, New Delhi’s Office Memorandum issued letter No36035/3/2013-Estt.(Res) dated 31st March,2014 (Para H), Office memorandum issued letter No A.B14017/41/90-Estt.(RR) Dated 10th May 1990 and also Railway Board’s RBE No.23/92 issued letter No.E(NG)I-91/TR/13 dated 11th Feb 1992.

    As a reply to our letter, we have received Office Order letter under No.31/DRM/Engg/2014 dated 23rd April, 2014 from Divisional Railway Manager (Personnel), South Central Railway, Secunderabad, stating that to retain Mr. D.M.M.Manohar in Secunderabad area working under Uniform Section, South Central Railway from Store Section, Sr.Section Engineer/P.way/Secunderabad.

    Because of our association’s efforts, now Mr. D.M.M.Manohar got transferred from, Sr.Section Engineer (P.way) Secunderabad (on 22nd October,2014) to Uniform Section, South Central Railway, Secunderabad (on 24th October, 2014).

  • Revision of incentives to sports personnel, as per 6th pay commission

    A team (P.Janardhan Reddy (Vice Chairman), D.R.R.Swamy (Working President), S.Murugan (General Secretary) and P.Narsimulu (Interpreter)) from our association had met and requested, Deputy Secretary (Pay-1) (Department of Personnel and Training’s office, New Delhi), for the revision of the incentive granted to sport personnel (with outstanding sports achievement at National and International levels) according to 6th pay commission, on 15th November, 2011 at New Delhi.

    Further as a result of our association’s meticulous follow-ups(regarding the above mentioned issue) with the Department of Personnel and Training, has issued the Office Memorandum No.6/1/2013-Estt (Pay-I), regarding incentive revised rates, which shall be applicable prospectively from 1st September, 2013.
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  • Erroneous recovery of professional tax

    Issue: Recovery of Professional Tax from the regular salary of Mr. Mohd Aziz Ur Rehman and Mr. N.Subba Rao, who are the employees of Defence.

    Solution: As a result of our associations’ intervention, by writing a letter to the concerned officer by our general secretary (on 09th August, 2012), the recovery of the Professional Tax from the concerned persons’ (mentioned above) regular salary have been stopped with effect from November, 2012.

  • Non sanction of Special Casual Leave

    Issue: Non sanction of Special Casual Leave, for 4 days, for Mr. P.R.Balakrishnan and Mr. R.Krishna Murthy, as per the Memorandum Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi.

    Solution: As a result of our associations’ intervention, by writing a letter to the concerned officer by our general secretary (on21st June, 2012), the Special Casual Leaves have been sanctioned, to the concerned persons’ (mentioned above) as 4 days per year.

  • One-way transfer

    Request: Mr. Saji Mani(Railway employee) had requested for the one-way transfer to Calicut(Kerala) from Hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh), to settle and live with his family,

    Solution: As a result of our associations’ intervention, by writing a letter to the concerned officer by our general secretary, the above mentioned employee got transferred on February, 2010.

  • Transfer of service register

    Issue: Still the service register of Mr. Saji Mani (Railway employee, who got transferred to Calicut by February, 2010), is not transferred from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) to Calicut (Kerala).

    Solution: As the result of the meeting with Gazetted Officer and dealing Clerk-in Charge of the section (which deals with Service Register of Mr. Saji Mani), by our general secretary regarding the above request, all requested documents (the Service Register Leave Register and certified bonus sheet) through Mr. E.Vijyan, from C&W (Hyderabad) to Office of the Divisional Railway Manager (P), Southern Railway, Palghat Division by June, 2011.

  • Recovery of House rent – without allotting quarters

    Issue: House rent was recovered from Mr. K.V.Subba Rao (Railway employee) for three months by the employer, without allotting any Railway Quarters.

    Solution: As a result of our associations’ intervention, the recovery of the house rent is stopped for the above mentioned employee.